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21-23 April, 2020

Warsaw, Poland



11 April 2017

WorldFood Warsaw Trade Fair has started

Andrzej Łuszczewski, Vice President of Agricultural Market Agency, Andrzej Gantner, Director General of the Polish Federation of Food Producers, Andrzej Wojciechowicz, the FMCG industry Advisor for European Commission, Aldo Mazzocco, President of Bellavita Expo LTD. and Agnieszka Szpaderska, director of the WorldFood Warsaw Fair warmly welcomed all exhibitors and visitors and formally opened the fourth edition of WorldFood Warsaw in a ribbon-cutting ceremony. "I would like to welcome everyone to yet another edition of the WorldFood Warsaw Trade Fair. Our event is growing year by year because of you ", said director Szpaderska. She emphasized the participation of many companies from abroad, especially from Italy. "The Polish food market looks attractive to companies from all over the world - as can be clearly seen at the WorldFood Warsaw, which has an international character - There is a trade mission from Mexico, a lot of companies from Asia, and also the Italian national pavilion”, stressed Agnieszka Szpaderska.
The fair once again surprises me with its size and what distinguishes it from other events, it combines tradition with modernity. The latest trends from both Polish and foreign companies are presented. The European Union is paying close attention and promoting high quality products. This trend is evident in both the law and at these fairs. You can see all the trends in today's fairs, that is, the combination of tradition and modernity. I am really happy” said EU Commission expert Andrzej Wojciechowicz, during the inauguration ceremony. In turn, Andrzej Gantner stressed the importance of the food industry for the whole economy.
Experts' debates are an extremely important element of the Fair. The first one was led by Andrzej Gantner. “According to the Polish Ministry of Agriculture, Polish food exports are worth 24 billion euros. We are the sixth food exporter in the European Union. Interestingly, we sell 82% of Polish food within the Union. The first trading partner is Germany, which imports our food worth 5.4 billion euros, the second partner is the United Kingdom, and the third, the Czech Republic. The conclusion is that the size of our export does not depend on the size and population of a given market. Another interesting fact is that we sell to Germany as much as to all other countries outside the EU”, director Gantner said. Agnieszka Różańska from UPEMI also took part in the debate. In her speech, she addressed the issues of gaining new markets and organizing promotions there. “UPEMI has conducted four big promotional projects, including in the USA and Kazakhstan. We have to be very active on such markets and run promotions all the time”, Agnieszka Różańska stressed. She noted the troubles and loss of certain markets after the emergence of ASF in our country. “We have lost the opportunity to export to China or South Korea. Our companies had to change their strategy and look for new markets”, she added. Andrzej Wojciechowicz pointed out to an interesting thing. He noted that each market has its own specificity. “African or Asian markets have a completely different culture and consumption profile, different conditions and requirements for wholesale and retail distribution. All this should be taken into account”, said the EC expert. He advised companies wishing to gain new markets to open small representations in the countries they are interested in. “Such a representation will bring a return of investment within a year. Keep in mind that pragmatism the most important thing”, Andrzej Wojciechowicz stressed.
Michał Lipiński from the Teraz Polska Foundation, drew attention to the need to build a Polish brand that would include not only the food industry but the whole of Poland and all Polish products. “Our foundation promotes what Poland has the best to offer”, he added.
During the next debate on the fruit and vegetable industry Waldemar Żółcik stressed that Poland had lost the Russian market, although that market seemed so natural to have. “To gain new markets we must think in a new way, changing the way we think about producing, storing and selling apples”, said Waldemar Żółcik.
300 companies from 25 countries in the world take part in this year's edition of the Fair. Among them are representatives of Greece, Thailand, Ukraine, Italy, the Netherlands, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Korea, Iran, Sri Lanka, China and many other countries. The Fair creates a great opportunity for direct talks with current and potential counterparts, marketing and promoting new products and services, gaining feedback from customers about your company's products, building your company's image through professional product presentation, following the latest trends and becoming internationally active.
Partners and co-organizers of the debates and thematic panels include the largest and most important trade organizations: the Polish Federation of Food Producers (Polska Federacja Producentów Żywności), the Polish Trade and Distribution Organization (Polska Organizacja Handlu i Dystrybucji), the Polish Fruit Growers Association (Związek Sadowników RP), the Fruit Union (Unia Owocowa), the National Poultry Council (Krajowa Rada Drobiarska), the Meat Producers and Employers Union (UPEMI - Unia Producentów i Pracodawców Przemysłu Mięsnego), the Butchers and Meat Curers Association (Stowarzyszenie Rzeźników i Wędliniarzy), Polish Meat Association (Związek Polskie Mięso), Association of Polish Chocolate and Confectionery Products (POLBISCO - Stowarzyszenie Polskich Producentów Wyrobów Czekoladowych i Cukierniczych), Polish Ecology Association (Stowarzyszenie Polska Ekologia), National Union of Juice Producers Association (KUPS - Stowarzyszenie Krajowa Unia Producentów Soków), Galicia Vitis Foundation, Polish Federation of Cattle Breeders and Dairy Producers (Polska Federacja Hodowców Bydła i Producentów Mleka), Promotional Emblem Poland Now (Godło Promocyjne Teraz Polska).
The WorldFood Warsaw Trade Fair creates opportunities for business talks, promotions and presenting business offers, as well as tasting international cuisine from various parts of the globe. It also includes a rich content program. If you would like to hear from well-known experts, entrepreneurs, people in science and business, you can take part in thematic panels. We will discuss interesting issues regarding the industry, its development and problems.